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Top 5 USA Cities Termites Love to Eat

By | Pest Control

Termites Pest Control

When winter leaves, the bugs usually arrive. Warm and temperate climates are a big help for insects looking to survive and replicate their little insect bodies all over town. Termites are no exception, and if you live in or have been to one of these cities, you’ve been to one of the five most termite-ridden cities in the USA.

Miami, Florida

The start of Dexter’s haunting title credits always begins with a close-up of Dexter slapping away a mosquito, and it’s little wonder since the show is set in Miami, Florida. Boasting a perfect mix of heat and humidity, this idyllic retirement city is also the national leader in termite infestations. The exotic, warm climate drives the little buggers mad, so it’s not just the elderly looking to make a life in the capital of Florida.

Los Angeles, California

Another heat-filled urban landscape, LA is also prone to quite a lot of rainfall that affects the swarming behavior of most termites.

Tampa, Florida

Coming in at #3 is another Floridian location, Tampa. Humid and subtropical like Miami, this sprawling city also experiences high rainfall followed by intense hot periods – an ideal climate for termite clusters to emerge.

New York, New York

What the Big Apple lacks in heat, it makes up for with PLENTY of moisture. The grime and gritty filth of NY attracts bugs and pests of all shapes and sizes. “What termites need most in life is moisture and New York has no shortage of water. Warmth is less of a need, but it sure doesn’t hurt as their colony sizes and foraging range increase with temperature. That said, New York still gets warm enough during the spring and summer months,” said Glen Ramsey, an entomologist with Orkin. “Lastly, New York’s building construction is aging, which allows for settlement cracks to develop and allow termite entry.”

New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s not just the wooden beads from Mardi Gras that attract termites to N’Awlins. Another subtropical location, New Orleans doesn’t get much of a winter so there’s really not a lot to scare or kill off termites. So maybe go for the plastic beads, just to be safe…

Don’t live in the USA? Termites are destructive all around the world. Brazil has over 500 species alone! One of our friends in Australia, Pest Alert who perform termite treatments in Dubbo, tells of a story where termites cut the power to a major hospital in Sydney once.

Telltale Signs of Termites in Your Home

By | Pest Control

Termites. Just the very name of the wood-eating pests is enough to instill fear into the heart of the most seasoned homeowner. 

And for good reason; in the United States these insects do more damage to homes in a year than all-natural disasters combined. Let that sink in for a minute – we’re talking more wood damage than floods, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes cause. 

Look, we don’t want to scare you. What we do want is to arm you with tips on how to recognize whether your home has termites because early detection is the key to beating the blighters for good (and for cheap). 

Termite expert Peter from Pest Alert, a Dubbo pest control company, tells of a story where a termite colony in a Sydney hospital shorted out the wiring causing a major blackout.

Below are a few signs to keep an eye on: 



Flying swarmers: Seeing an unusual number of flying insects lately? Some termite species swarm at night, others in daylight, and some after rain, so keep a whether eye on the air around your home, or alternatively, look for discarded wings around possible nest entry points. 

Mud tubes: Termites build horizontal and vertical shelter tubes out of saliva, dirt, and wood particles. They are usually about the width of a pencil and commonly found on foundation walls or slabs, crawl space piers, attics, and floor joists. If you stumble across a suspicious looking tube, break a piece off the end. If it’s miraculously repaired later then you friend, have an active termite colony.

Floor blisters: If your floorboards look blistered and are showing signs of bubbling like water damage it could be a sign the insects are in or under your floors. 

Hollow wood: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If once-solid wood is now hollow it’s best to book a call and get your home assessed for termites.

Pharaoh Ant Control and Prevention

By | Pest Control

The pharaoh ant is a tiny, yellowish to light brown, nearly transparent ant that’s become a major indoor pest all over the world. Pharaoh ants feed on proteins, fats and sweets and fats; when choosing the best bait for pharaoh ants, consider using protein, sugar and grease based baits. Every morning, the colony will send out scouts to search for food. When a scout finds it, it will return to the nest, and several other ants will follow the scout back to the food. Soon after, a large group of ants will descend on the food. This is why bait for pharaoh ants is most effective; you can poison the entire colony in a very short amount of time.


Pharaoh Ants have a short life-span; worker ans only live for 10 weeks or less, and the queen may live as long as 40 weeks. The ants will grow from egg to adulthood in 45 days. If you keep baiting the colony, it should be completely eradicated within a few weeks.

Where Pharaoh Ants Nest

Tiny Pharaoh ants can nest nearly anywhere, but they like warm places. They keep their nests well hidden, and they can search for food quite far from the nest. They’ll mark their trails with pheromones. Indoors they can nest inside the walls, inside of electrical outlets, under your appliances, and under the carpet. If you disturb the colony, or if the colony grows too large, they could move.

  • Inside they are usually found in the kitchen and bathrooms, but workers are also commonly seen trailing along window sills and baseboards. They are seen traveling along plumbing or electrical wires, going from room to room.


  • Look inside inside curtain rods, behind walls and baseboards and under the cabinets.


  • You may see their trails, but their nest may not be nearby. You’ll rarely find their real nest.


  • You may see them near water sources like sinks, toilets, and drains. They’ll also be on your countertops.


  • Pharaoh Ants can also build a colony outdoors, then come inside in search of food.


  • You can find them outside if there is a good source of water, such as a sprinkler system. They may also nest under an evaporative cooler, where the water drips.

Getting Rid of Pharoah Ants

Baiting is the best way to kill the entire colony. Choose both sugar-based and protein/grease-based ant baits. Using sprays or dust can cause the ant colony to divide up into smaller colonies. This will simply multiply the number of Pharaoh ant colonies, and consequently, increase the ant problem.

Pharoah Ants can be persistent, suddenly popping up all over the place. When you place the baits, consider that the ants will change their locations. Also, when choosing your ant bait, get slow-acting bait. Fast-kill baits will only kill the foraging worker ants; if they die too quickly, the worker ants won’t take the bait home to the queen and the others waiting to be fed in the nest.

If the bait you’re using is not effective, you’ll need to change baits. You can try a different brand, or switch the different types of bait around to different locations. Also, you must remove any other food nearby when baiting; don’t leave out any pet food or fruit. Likewise, leave the bait undisturbed once the ants find it and start feeding on it.

Pharaoh ants can be a persistent and determined pest, so be patient. It may take a few weeks for the bait to completely wipe out the colony. If the ant problem persists, don’t hesitate to call a professional exterminator.


contributed by: Pest Repeller – foremost expects in Insects and pest control.

Smart Ways to Seal your Doors from Bugs

By | Bug Killer, Pest Control

Creepy crawlers are no welcome sight inside any home. After a long hard day spent in the outdoors, you hastily head home to find some warmth, rest, and shelter away from the cold. It’s no different for bugs. They, too, want a little bit of that warmth, food, and comfort. The only problem here is that they have to force their way into your space to find what they’re looking for.

Any serious homeowner will have none of it. Bugs are not only unsightly, but they carry with them germs that may cause serious health issues for you and other people in your household. To get rid of bugs you must have used every option in the book. Are you almost running out of ways to get bugs to stay out of your home?

Why don’t you try these smart ways to seal your doors first?

  • Add a Screen Door

During warmer seasons, you can’t help but keep your door open during the day. This allows fresh air into your home and keeps the place cool. Sadly, such weather is also peak season for insects and bugs to breed and explore. So, how do you enjoy the cool air without letting the bugs in? Enter screen door. A screen door is an excellent way to keep mosquitos, spiders, fleas and other pests out while at the same time enjoying fresh air.

A fine mesh and simple tools and a little DIY experience are all it takes to install the screen door. Inspect your screen door every couple of months to ensure that it does not develop tears. Should you notice even the smallest tear, immediately repair it to continue enjoying a bug-free indoor experience.

  • Install Sealing on Your Door

When you lock your door, do you notice small spaces or gaps next to the hinges or under the door right above the floor? These are ideal access points through which bugs can enter your home. A door sweep or aluminum threshold at the bottom is a good installation to help effectively keep bugs out.

A clear seal kit surrounding the perimeter of your door is another superb option. It ensures the joints, spaces, and gaps on the door frame are completely sealed.

For this method to work, the door must always remain shut. If you keep forgetting to shut the door whenever the kids are out or whenever you’re out basking in the yard, consider installing a hydraulic door closer to do the job for you.


  • Spray your Doorway with Essential Oils

Essential oils made from herbs such as peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, and lemon eucalyptus are perfect for keeping bugs and all manner of insects off your property. Their strong smell is sweet to humans but unbearable for insects like spiders, mites, fleas, and so on.

Mix the oil with a bit of water to increase its consistency and make it easier to spray. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and generously spray around your door and other openings. Don’t forget to spray the doorstep as well.

  • Repair Cracks at the Exit or Entryways

Have you experienced harsh weather lately? Flash floods, strong winds, and storms take place often in the UK.  Your home may look strong on the outside, but due to harsh weather and lack of proper maintenance, it may develop signs of weakness like cracks. Cracks and crevices, however small make the perfect place for cockroaches, mites, slugs, and other bugs to hide in and even breed.

Conduct routine inspections on your exit and entry doorways every once in a while to see if you can find cracks, gaps, or holes. If you do, waste no time sealing them. If you find it difficult or you’re missing some of the tools needed to get the job done, contact a reputable pest control and maintenance company to help you out.

  • Make your Door Way Inviting to Bug Predators

Do you find the methods listed above as being too difficult to implement? If yes, you will love this option because of how effortless it is. Bats, birds and small reptiles love making a good meal out of bugs. But how do you get them to come to your home? How about installing a bird feeder or growing a tree or a bush where birds can build their nests? You could also build a bat house close to your front door? Or maybe raise a gecko, a lizard, or a chameleon as a pet.

This solution works as a splendid long term measure to make sure bugs do not exist anywhere around your home.


Bug proofing your home and, more importantly, your doors doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Above are several tricks you can use to keep your doors sealed tight. Finally, you can rest easy and enjoy some peace in your own home with no four, six or eight-legged intruders raiding your space. For more information checkout the pest control tip for residents by Pest Exterminators.

Contributed by : – foremost experts in all things pest control

Car Fire Spreads Into Sorrounding

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Kamloops Fire Rescue crews continued to monitor the scene this morning after dousing a vehicle fire in the Rose Hill area overnight

The vehicle had been abandoned, and the flames spread into surrounding brush, but crews managed to keep the blaze contained to an area of 15 by 25 meters.

“When they got there, they found that it spread to some nearby trees and grasses and sagebrush,” says Platoon Capt. Wade Lindoff. “There was a bit of work involved, as it got into the subsurface fuels and roots.”

Crews that went back this morning found some smoke still puffing up, so they’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

After two straight days of fires near the city, Kamloops Fire Rescue warns people to remain cautious heading into the long weekend.

“It’s still dry out there, we’re getting into the fall season and people tend to relax a little more thinking the main heat of the summer is over, but September can still be hot and dry and there’s a lot of fuel out there, so be careful with your fires, it can easily spread,” says Lindoff.

Kelowna Pest Control

The mild, rainy ocean climate has long been the envy of Canadians looking to escape the cold of more eastern provinces. But the conditions that make Kamloops appealing to humans are exactly the same that make it an ideal home for pests who wouldn’t be able to survive the cold dry winters further east.

The dense vegetation that covers much of Kamloops is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As BC’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Kamloops harbours also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Kamloops and the surrounding areas like. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.

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What to do about Pest Control in Kelowna BC

By | Pest Control

Kelowna has quickly become the most desirable location to invest in property and real estate in BC, outpacing the growth of the major cities of Vancouver and Victoria. With a full range of scenic neighborhoods and suburbs to decide from, those looking to pick up a piece of prime real estate will need the guidance of a realtor to find their forever home. Growing up around real estate, Sean Skuter has been involved in project management, development, marketing and everywhere in-between. Harnessing his knowledge of buildings and properties, Sean is the guiding hand you will need to make the right choice.

Selecting from the diverse options takes a bit of understanding on the amenities and nearby destinations that make each community unique. To better understand Kelowna, it helps to know a few of the greatest developments that have made this city so well known in the Okanagan and far beyond. Take a trip with us to the five top communities in Kelowna!

This global destination ski resort has evolved massively since the original launch in 1963, when the hill featured a single T-bar. Now, Big White has 16 chairs crossing 118 trails and runs for your snow day enjoyment. With an average yearly snowfall of 750cm, this hill has created a name for itself – rated the #1 Ski Resort in Canada for “Best Family Resort”, “Best Grooming”, and “Best Snow” by Ski Canada Magazine. TELUS Park is home to jumps, rails, and boxes ranging from intermediate to advanced in skill level – don’t forget your helmet!
It doesn’t stop at the snowy, powder-covered peaks. Big White has a blossoming village community with boutique shops, rental equipment, and fantastic food to top it all off. At the heart of the village is Stonegate Resort. This place is a skiers’ dream, with ski-in ski-out from the doorstep you’ll be off to the races whenever you want! Stonegate has on-site recreation, pools and whirlpool spas, bike or equipment storage, and an 18 seat theatre. This resort has been designed from the ground up to be the most exclusive and luxurious residence at Big White. For world-class skiing and top tier living, look no further, it starts and ends with Stonegate Resort.

Nestled near the forest, this housing development is tucked away in the hills of Glenmore, Kelowna. “Nature inspired living” is the motto here, if you are after the Pacific Northwest experience, Wilden is for you. Mixing single family homes with townhouses, you will find Wilden is as peaceful as it is scenic.
Outside your door is a world of hiking trails, then only five minutes away is the Glenmore shopping centre. Several schools are nearby, including three elementary schools, and Dr. Knox Middle School. For secondary students, Kelowna Secondary School has buses running to service the area. Great for families, this development has a bit of everything, while keeping a focus on sustainable, green living. There are homes overlooking the lake and the city, so you can have your dream vista awaiting you at your doorstep!

This dynamic neighbourhood has invested in building a community of its own. With spas, restaurants, and clinics all located in the Village Centre, Kettle Valley has grown into its own subset of the greater Kelowna area. You will find safe parks for your kids, including an exciting splash park. Schools are conveniently located nearby, including Chute Lake Elementary and Okanagan Mission Secondary. For your regular shopping, groceries and all, you will find a variety of markets and stores within 15 minutes of the area. Many wineries and vineyards dot the path to Kettle Valley, creating a beautiful drive into and out of this community. There are three nearby golf courses, all less than twenty minutes from home. Experience life elevated in Kettle Valley.

Within five minutes from downtown Kelowna, Lower Mission is ideal for those wanting to be within walking distance of the downtown core. Covering a large area of land, Lower Mission has a number of amenities and destinations for residents – from the H2O Aquatic Centre to Gyro Beach, this is true four-season living. Walk to the beach or sports fields in the Summer, then head indoors for the best waterpark experience this side of the Okanagan when it gets chilly. The downtown core of Kelowna is rich with the arts, culture, and countless restaurants and bars to keep you busy. You will find the majority of schools in Kelowna are within the area, so you won’t have to worry about commuting further to find a French-Immersion school. Shopping is everywhere in Mission, take a walk down any block towards downtown and you’ll be lost in the variety of shops and malls. City life is right around the corner in Lower Mission.

As you drive towards Southeast Kelowna, it is hard to not be taken aback by the colourful countryside filled with farms, vineyards and golf courses along the way. Large plots of land and acreages make up the area, and the prestigious Gallagher’s Canyon Golf & Country Club is within minutes of most homes. See the starry sky out here in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables from the ranches and fields of Okanagan farmers, or drive to the nearby Mission for your choice of shopping centres and restaurants. Explore Kelowna’s booming agriculture and wineries within walking distance of Southeast Kelowna.


Pest Control Kelowna

The mild, rainy ocean climate has long been the envy of Canadians looking to escape the cold of more eastern provinces. But the conditions that make Kelowna appealing to humans are exactly the same that make it an ideal home for pests who wouldn’t be able to survive the cold dry winters further east.

The dense vegetation that covers much of Kelowna is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As Canada’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Kelowna’s harbours also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Kelowna and the surrounding areas. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.

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8 Best Things to Do in Surrey

By | Pest Control

Part of Metropolitan Vancouver, Surrey is a suburban city that sits along the coastline of British Columbia’s Boundary Bay. It is a fast growing city that is made up of hills and flatlands, in which 35 per cent of it is an Agricultural Land Reserve.

Surrey is a haven for nature lovers, having a plethora of parks and greenbelts. It is also great for city lovers, as it is home to galleries, museums, shopping centres, and heritage sites. If you are visiting Vancouver, it is worthwhile to spend a couple of days exploring Surrey, or, make it a destination to see all on its own.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Surrey:

1. Spend the day at the park
Surrey’s most popular park; Bear Creek Park is great for everyone. It is home to lovely hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, a running track, and even a swimming pool.
In the summer, Bear Creek Park is a hot spot for families, what with its miniature train, outdoor pool, and mini-golf course. If you are a nature lover, venture along one of its walking paths.
The gardens here are quite spectacular, being home to cottonwoods, western red cedars, conifers and azaleas. The park also has a pavilion that hosts regular events.
2. Visit Smallville
This popular American television series was filmed in the historic enclave of Cloverdale. The area is also home to numerous historic sites that date back to the 1880s.
The former farming community is now a highly visited neighbourhood. Not only is it known in the television and film industry, but also in the antiques world. In fact, Cloverdale is known as being the ‘Antiques Capital of BC’.
Wandering around the area is a must for any history buff or fan of a small town community. As well, every year in May, it hosts the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair.
3. Go to the beach
This is of course a summer thing to do, although it is possible to walk along the oceanfront walkway all year. You will find Crescent Beach in South Surrey, along the coast of Boundary Bay.
People have been visiting this beach for centuries. In its ancient history, it was home to a summer camp for the aboriginals. Today, it is a popular place for swimming, sailing and water-polo.
If you are a nudist, there is a designated nudist beach on the southern end of the beach at the bottom of Crescent Rock boulder. If bird watching is your thing, head to the northern end of the beach.
4. Play a round of golf
There are numerous gold courses in Surrey, some of which have hosted PGA tournaments. The city is home to eight full courses and two executive courses, as well as a number of driving ranges.
The Arnold Palmer designed Northview Golf & Country Club is one of the most popular in the city, followed closely by the Morgan Creek Golf Course. Other well-known courses in the city include the Guildford Golf & Country Club and the Peace Portal Golf Course.
Adam Sandler fans may recognise Surrey and some of its golf courses from the movie ‘Happy Gilmour’, which was filmed here.
5. Go back in time
The picturesque Historic Stewart Farm tells the story of how a pioneer family lived from 1880 to 1944. The Victorian farmhouse is truly picturesque, as is its surrounding gardens and farmland.
Go back in time and learn what it was like to live on and run a farm long-ago. Staff are dressed in period costumes and will take you on a tour of this historic site.
The Historic Stewart Farm can be visited all year, with activities and events being offered during certain times of the year. It is great for the whole family, and is a good place to escape the thriving city centre for a couple of hours.
6. Stroll through a garden
The horticultural paradise that is Darts Hill Garden contains thousands of plants from around the world. The garden is set on three hectares of land, which was a gift to the city by the Darts family.
The award-winning orchard is absolutely beautiful and has been in the making for the past 70 years. It is only possible to visit the Darts Hill Garden on Saturdays in the months of April, May, June and September.
Stroll along the winding paths throughout the garden and enjoy its open meadows. Be sure to bring your camera, as you are unlikely to find anything else like this in Surrey.
7. Ride a ferry

Barnston Island ferry is a small ferry that runs across the Parsons Channel from Port Kells in Surrey to Barnston Island. The ferry is free, with the ride being only five minutes.
The ferry is a barge that can take 52 passengers and five vehicles across the channel. It runs on demand, meaning there is no set time. Just turn up and wait for it to leave the port.
The island itself is small, made up mostly of farmland. There is not a lot to do there, although some of the farms are open to the public and, together with the ferry ride, makes for a unique experience.
8. Tour a winery

If you are a wine connoisseur, don’t miss the chance to visit a winery and sample some of its finest wines.
The Vinoscenti Vineyards is the perfect place for some wine tasting and a tour through the vineyards and beautiful spots around the winery.


Many homes in Surrey experience problems with pests and need assistance with pest control and termite control.
The most common breed of mouse in Surrey is the house mouse. They vary in colour from white to grey, and light brown to black. These critters have a strong sense of hearing and communicate with other mice by squealing — some audible to humans and extend to an ultrasonic range.
Did you know that house mice are known for their quick reproduction? One female house mouse has the ability to produce up to 8 litters per year!
Our technicians are more than just mouse catchers! They have the structural know-how and hands-on skills to provide permanent solutions to most structural deficiencies that might be causing mice to come inside.


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Pest Control Surrey

Learn More About Kelowna, BC

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Urban and rural; nature and culture; playtime and downtime: Kelowna isn’t just one destination. It’s a whole bunch of them, located in one uniquely beautiful place.

Relatively undiscovered, Kelowna is never too crowded despite playing host to visitors the world over. The Kelowna International Airport, one of the busiest airports in Canada, easily connects to major North American cities.

Kelowna has miles of beautiful parkland and several sandy beaches which provide wonderful opportunities for boating, swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing, and fishing. As well, you can hit the links at one of our many golf courses nine months out of the year. In cooler months, our snow-capped mountains and pine-filled forests are a haven for skiers, boarders, snowmobilers and outdoor adventurists of all types and levels.



Pests in Kelowna

The mild, rainy ocean climate has long been the envy of Canadians looking to escape the cold of more eastern provinces. But the conditions that make Kelowna appealing to humans are exactly the same that make it an ideal home for pests who wouldn’t be able to survive the cold dry winters further east.

The dense vegetation that covers much of Kelowna is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As Canada’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Kelowna’s harbors also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Kelowna and the surrounding areas. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.


Natural Pest Solutions
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phone 778-760-1356


Beneficial Insects Are Your First Line Of Defence Against Pest Outbreaks

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We all know the importance of having pollinators in our gardens. However, the beneficial insects we are talking about here are not the pollinators. For pest control, we are interested in insects that feed on the pest insects as a means of natural pest control. For instance, damsel bugs, ladybugs, parasitic wasps, minute pirate bugs, lacewings, and many other insects can help out a lot in dealing with insect pests. They either eat the pest insects or use the pest insects as housing and food for their young ones.

To attract the beneficial, you need to provide an environment with an ample supply of carbohydrates in the form of nectar and a steady supply of protein-rich pest insect to consume. Of the two sources of nutrients, you have greater control over the supply of nectar. As such, you need to have a combination of plants that provides the necessary carbohydrate-rich nectar.

Keep in mind, the more beneficial insects you have in your garden, the less likely you will have a pest outbreak.

Choose Pest And Disease-Resistant Crops And Crop Varieties

Having beneficial insects in your garden, for instance, ladybugs is an excellent way of preventing an explosion of garden pest’s population in your garden.

However, you can deal with a considerable portion of the pest headache by choosing pest-resistant plant varieties. Doing this will reduce the extent of pest-infestation you suffer. For example, if your squash plants suffer a massive squash bug infestation during winter months, go for Royal Acorn and Butternut as they are more pest-resistant. In the same regard, if you have a problem dealing with Colorado potato beetles defoliating your potatoes, try out the ‘King Harry’ potato variety. This potato variety has hairy leaves that beetles cannot eat.

Use Physical Barriers To Prevent Pests From Attacking Your Plants

Employing physical barriers is one of the best ways of preventing pests from reaching your crops in your garden. For instance, consider covering the most susceptible crops in your garden with floating row covers. These are a lightweight spun-bound fabric designed to lightly rest on top of wire hoops or the actual plants.

When using this form of physical barriers, you should make sure there is plenty of slack in the cover. Also, pin the sides of the cover to negate the chances of pest crawling under the cover and up to the plants.

Over the years, I have found the floating row cover to be effective at keeping cabbageworm caterpillars and Japanese beetles away from my kales, broccoli, and cabbage. Gardeners Path has the full info. The covers are also useful in protecting young cucumber plants from Mexican bean beetles and young squash plants from squash beetles. Remember to remove the cover when the flowering time comes to give pollinators access to the plant.

Implement Intercropping

Increasing diversity in your garden can reduce pest in your garden. Consider intercropping different vegetables. Additionally, intercrop the vegetables with flowering herbs and annuals. This will make it difficult for pest to locate their ideal foods.

You can take intercropping to the next level by planting a variety of vegetables in the rows instead of planting a single crop in one row or block. This will keep the deter monoculture completely. While there is still a lot left to lean about intercropping and a lot of research is underway, it appears that it does reduce pest infestation. Consider this, for the pest to find their food, they have to scour for food amid different plants. This environment will make it challenging for pests to find and hone in on their food. In the long run, they cannot find the energy needed to survive and reproduce, thereby reducing their numbers.

Dill is a great plant to intercrop with your vegetable and other crops. It has small flowers, and it is fragrant. As such, it can attract beneficial insects while making it hard for the pest to locate their food.

Cultivate Healthy Plants

Growing healthy plants seem like a no-brainer for many horticulturalists. However, it is an essential part of preventing pests from infesting our gardens not to mention. Although it might seem like it, plants have an immune system, although one that is different from what you and I have. When plants are healthy and do not exhibit signs of stress, they are less attractive to pests.

Additionally, healthy plants are better capable of deterring pests through chemical defenses. In a nutshell, the healthier a plant is, the more defensive it is and the better it is capable of deterring pests independently.

To ensure your plants stay healthy, feed your soil organic matter. Plant your crops in an environment where they can thrive – ample sun for sun plants and plenty of shade for shade plants.

Keeping your plant healthy is a golden trick as far as deterring pests is concerned.

What the Presence of Rodents Means for Your Business

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In the U.S. alone, rats cause roughly $20 billion in damage to homes, businesses, and agriculture every year. Team AIPM has received and responded to dozens of rodent infestation calls throughout our service territories in Northern California and Nevada recently.

When it comes to rodent infestations, time is of the essence. In addition to being highly intrusive, rodents also breed at a rapid pace, making their behavior all the more destructive. Here are a few ways rodents can cause damage to your home or business, and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Electrical Danger
Have you ever wondered why rodents would chew on electrical wiring? Well, the truth is they’ll chew on just about anything. With rapidly growing teeth, rodents are constantly looking for things to chew on in order to file down their long pearly whites. Electrical damage caused by rodents is not only costly but can be incredibly dangerous. Fires can start quite easily if the protective covering is gnawed from the wires. In fact, up to 20% of undetermined fires in the U.S. are believed to be started by rodent damage. Be sure to evaluate any accessible wiring on an annual basis, minimum, for signs of disruption.

Structurally Unsound
Mice, rats and other rodents do not discriminate when it comes to where they will build their nests or homes. Walls, attics, and insulated areas are common spaces rodents like to invade and make their own. In some cases, the disturbances caused by rodents can actually cause structural damage or create entry points for more pests to enter the structure. Qualified pest professionals understand the importance of preventing such occurrences and will regularly look out for signs of entry or infestation.

Irreplaceable Items
Some of the most devastating damage caused by rodents and other pests are the items that cannot be easily repurchased, such as family heirlooms, artwork, or photographs. Such items are often stored in the very spaces rodents prefer to inhabit; attics, basements, sheds, and garages. While rats and mice have been known to chew through anything, belongings kept in a sturdy, lockable storage bin will be much less likely to be damaged than those in cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

Healthy Habits
Another cost that is hard to put a price tag on is that of your health. The feces, urine, scratches, and bites of various rodents can transmit multiple diseases and illnesses to inhabitants of a home or businesses recently affected by a rodent infestation. The CDC keeps an updated list of diseases caused by rodents to encourage home and business owners to do what they can to reduce their risk.

Peace of Mind
At the end of the day, one of the worst things a rodent infestation can cause is the stress and worry associated with the many risks they carry with their presence. The pest professionals at Natural Pest Solutions have over 35 years of experience in the prevention and removal of rodents from the smallest apartment to the largest commercial facility.


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8 Habits That Attract Pests

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Before you make another call to your exterminator or buy another bottle of bug aerosol, stop to consider how you and your family have been treating your home. Yes, the focus is on your daily routines. There are many bad habits we unintentionally do that cause these pests to return.

And while bug spray and other modern techniques kill these pests, the reason why they keep coming back to your house is that you only deal with the effects, and not the root of the problem: bad habits. Today, we’ll look at 7 bad habits we may not be familiar with that attract pests to your residence.

1. Leaving Food Out
Leaving food out in the open is like giving these pests an invitation to infest your home. Unsealed foodstuff or groceries and unswept crumbs could attract a group of ants in a matter of minutes or become a late night snack for a mouse or rat. Place food in airtight containers when done eating or not needed and keep away from the dining and kitchen tables. If possible, store all food in the refrigerator. Sweep away crumbs on the floor to prevent these pesky invaders from ever returning.

2. Negligent House Maintenance
Insects can pass through the tiniest cracks, while rodents like mice and rats can squeeze their bodies through an opening the size of a quarter. Other damaged portions of your home can become entrances for these tricky trespassers. Repair and seal all wall cracks, broken doors, windows, and other areas that may act as gateways for pests into your home.

3. Keeping Paper Bags Beneath the Kitchen Sink
You may do this as part of your routine to keep the bags for further use, but in reality, it only draws cockroaches to live in them. Worse, they may release their fecal matter in the bags. This causes even more cockroaches to stay in the paper bags. If you have paper bags under the sink with a few cockroaches inside, immediately take them out and burn them. From now on, fold unused paper bags and store them in drawers instead.

4. Leaving a Messy Room
A pile of clothes and other items on the floor do attract pests. Rodents, like staying beneath dirty clothes because it keeps them warm, while crumpled pieces of paper can become a home for spiders since they can spin webs onto them. Also, when your room accumulates a large amount of dust, the more likely it is for cockroaches to flock around and scurry about.

5. Having a lot of Wooden Furniture
Wood is a termite haven, since they eat the material to live and make a home. Ridding your house of all wooden furniture will definitely lower the risk of a termite infestation.

6. Not Taking out the Trash
In every household, the accumulation of waste is unavoidable at best. Why else would a house keep trash cans?
Anyways, the best way to handle this is to take out the trash when your bin is too full. Otherwise, expect to see more roaches in your home.

7. Not Repairing What Needs to be Repaired
This is more for home maintenance than warding off pests, as well as a continuation of Habit #2. Bear with it though as this is still a factor in attracting pests into your home.
Nowadays, people are always too busy to do anything. With their work entailing them a huge amount of responsibility, people tend to see that as a top priority than maintaining their home. If one does not maintain their home, a number of things can happen, which in turn can attract more pests.
With that said, it’s best to take care of and repair these problems as soon as you spot them. That way, you’ll be able to make things indoors easier and ward off any pest from wandering inside your home.

8. Not Covering the Trash
Speaking of trash (see number 6 above), there are instances where the trash is left without its lid on, especially outdoors. This further attracts pests to your home due to its foul and pungent odor.
For this, all you have to do is keep your trash cans with their lids on at all times. That way, you’ll be able to prevent yourself from seeing another cockroach, rat, ant, or any other pest for as long as you wish.


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5 tips in getting emergency pest control services in Birmingham

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Bugs, creepy crawlies, rodents and other unwanted house guests really don’t understand quite how inconvenient they are! They will turn up unannounced at weekends, holidays and even in the middle of the night, so you may find yourself having to call an emergency pest control service in Birmingham when you least expect it.

Pest infestations in the UK are rapidly growing, and whether it’s ants in the kitchen, bed bugs in the bedroom or rats in the basement, every household is open to these unwanted pests in their home. Pests can cause significant threats to our daily lifestyle, health, property and food, so identifying and removing these invaders is critical. Finding a reliable emergency pest control service in Birmingham quickly is vital.

Local councils have recently taken huge budget cuts over the last 5 years, so services such as free of charge pest control in Birmingham is now very rarely offered. We would highly recommend going direct to a private Birmingham pest control services provider, especially if it is a particularly large infestation and professional products may be required. If you haven’t had to find an emergency pest control service before, then here are some handy hints and tips of what to look for:

  1. Ask friends and family if they have used anyone for pest control within Birmingham. Recommendations and word of mouth are often the best way to find reliable services. Does the pest controller have a professional website with customer testimonials?
  2. Ensure you buy value and not base your selection on price. Even though price is a factor, in emergency pest control situations, you want to be sure to rid of in the infestation the first time and not have any leftover guests!
  3. When the controller arrives, ask to see identification to ensure it’s who they are who they say they are! If you have to sign a contract with the Birmingham pest control service provider, make sure you fully understand the nature of the pest and the extent of the problem. You may need a follow up visit which could cost more expense, or you may need to take preventative action to reduce future infestation risks.
  4. Make sure the company has the appropriate insurance such as public liability to ensure any damage caused by chemicals, gases or pest controlling tools are covered by the service provider.
  5. The pest controller should be able to answer any questions you may have. There may be one or two questions that they may not know the answer to, but the obvious questions should be answered fully. If your controller can’t answer your questions, and they don’t try and find out the answer, then they may not know what they’re doing after all.

Remember, it’s important to remove the infestation in one sweep if possible.