Best Pest Control Companies in Greater Phoenix AZ Area

By September 16, 2018 Pest Control

Insect and rodent pests carry diseases, cause property damages, irritate allergies and do other injury to people. However, there are numerous companies which are experts in working with infestations.

Pest control professionals can identify the forms of pests which are plaguing a property. They will then rid a space of unwanted critters and help property owners take preventative measures to ensure homes and businesses aren’t infested again. We believe home owners should have the best Companies in the Pest Control industry looking after them. With so many different Pest control companies serving the Greater Phoenix area the decision can be difficult to make and sometimes can be a bit scary wondering if you made the right choice in choosing a quality business to work with and to look after you to ensure they get rid of the pest problems around your property and to make sure they do not cause and harm to pets or environment. Here are some considerations to make when choosing a quality pest control company in Greater Pheonix AZ.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Quality Pest Control Company.

Types of pests

Pests often invade homes, but not all pests are produced equal. Pest control companies handle a variety of unwanted critters, and consumers should pick a company that specializes in the sort of pest they’re worried about.

  • Rodents: Some pest control companies work with ridding spaces of rodents like rats and mice. These companies may not have specialized solutions for dealing with insects (like sprays, chemicals, etc.), nevertheless they do have specialized knowledge for ridding of animals (e.g. with traps, steel wool, building maintenance, etc.)
  • Insects: Insect infestations may also be a typical problem that certain specialized pest control companies deal with. Companies that handle insects frequently have specific sprays or poisons that may be sprayed to rid houses of bugs. They also have familiarity with using traps to attract and kill bugs, as well as different natural preventative methods families can decide to try ensure bugs do not re-infest a home.
  • Less common pests: Some pest control companies deal specifically with an increase of specialized problems, such as for example bedbugs, raccoons, or termites. Although some large, generalized pest control companies are well-versed in more common insects like ants, roaches, and mosquitoes, more specialized companies can handle problems that are rarer (like bed bugs) or regionalized (like scorpions).


Removing pests often requires the use of harsh chemicals, but companies can use products of varying toxicities to be able to end infestations. In fact, some companies dedicated to eco-consciousness don’t use chemicals, but implement different, natural methods to remove pests instead.

  • Traditional pest control companies: A traditional pest control company often uses very harsh chemicals, like pyrethroids and pyrethrins, to remove bugs, and these have a more impressive impact on the environmental surroundings than some eco-friendly methods.
  • Green pest control companies: Green pest control companies use methods or materials to remove pests that are friendlier to the environmental surroundings, such as for example chemicals with lower toxicity or natural products, like boric acid.
  • Multi-faceted pest control companies: Many pest control companies today use a mix of strong toxins when infestations are particularly large and hard to treat, or when they have not taken care of immediately less harsh treatments, and eco-friendly, more gentle treatments when infestations are not particularly difficult or when pest problems are mild.

Cost and billing

Much like any service, it’s important for homeowners to research the price of a pest control treatment and how they’ll be billed. Customers should research available payment methods for each company, and should also look for specialized pest control plans while they’re shopping (e.g. restaurants can search for pest control companies that specialize in commercial hospitality services).

  • One-time service cost: Some pest control companies charge users for the one-time service they require to cope with pests in their property, and they accept these onetime payments via cash, charge card, or personal check, depending on the company.
  • Regular service and billings: To cope with pests which come seasonally or regularly throughout every season, like ants, moths, or mice, some pest control companies come to homes for regular service to ensure pests are removed and do not come back, irrespective of the elements or time of year.
  • Customized billing plans: Some pest control companies that develop strong relationships with businesses or individuals will interact to devise a custom plan for long-term pest control.

Company reputation

It’s important to accomplish background research about a company’s history before hiring. There are numerous pest control companies out there, however not all of them provide the exact same quality of service.

  • Proven history: Some pest control companies have prevailed at dealing with infestations for quite a while; good reviews of a business are an indicator they will in all probability do a good job and certainly are a worthwhile company to work with.
  • New company: Many new pest control companies – particularly eco-friendly ones – are not as tried and tested as older companies, and their reputation remains to be proven. Which means that spending money on them for pest control services might be a gamble, since their success removing pests has not been proven time and again.
  • Bad reputation: Some companies create a reputation to be ineffective or unpleasant to deal with. Companies often create a bad reputation for having poor customer support, extremely high prices, or treatments for pests that not work.

After looking at all of the above criteria Our choice for best pest control companies in the following Phoenix areas are:

Pest Control Scottsdale AZ

Natural Pest Solutions
3639 N Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251
phone 480-525-5359


Pest Control Apache Junction AZ

Natural Pest Solutions
268 West Rosa Street
Apache Junction, Arizona 85120
Phone 480-462-5263

Pest Control Chandler AZ

Natural Pest Solutions
62 North Amber Court
Chandler, Arizona 85225
Phone 480-428-2826


We will update this list as we find TOP Quality Pest Control Companies worthy of Trusting that do quality work and reliability.

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