Finding ants inside your home is pretty unhygienic. They carry bacteria and come in contact with your food. Their army of little soldiers can even harm humans, but only a few species. Fire and Harvester ants may bite humans, whereas the Carpenter ants are more interested in your buildings. The first infestation will be invisible, and most active in summers. Live ants, pathways, and ant nests are signs of ant infestation. In such a case, it is advised to call in a pest control expert to do the work for you. However, if you are at your home in New Smyrna Beach and you find any initial stages of infestation, there are some things you could do.

Keeping the Home Clean

Make sure that your kitchen slab and dining room are free from waste food particles. Using only the dining hall to have food is a good practice to follow as well.

Keep your Food Isolated

Prevention is better than cure. Cutting of food supply is the best way to control any pest infestation. At home, this is rather simple. Isolate every food from open surroundings. Make sure that you are closing your tin cans and always cover your food before leaving. Without any mode to access food, ants will not like your home.

Sealing Entry Points

This method is most effective for any possible ant infestations. Make sure that you seal off any entry point of the ants. If you have identified a hole, make sure that you search for any nearby holes that they might use as an alternative.

Chalk, aka Calcium Carbonate

Even though still a mystery, chalk lines do stop ants. Using calcium carbonate powder at the entry point makes sure that the ants don’t get into the house. But, make sure that these chalks are not within the reach of children.


Citrus Acid

Lemon and Orange are great sources for citrus acid. Washing the floor and stuffing the entry point with peels of lemon and orange is another effective method. Ants do not like sour and bitter. So, anything sour and bitter will keep the ants away.


Spread the pepper powder or spray it after mixing with water at entrant areas. Ants love sugar and hate pepper. Even though pepper is not lethal for ants, it can make sure that the ants won’t return.

Even though these techniques are successful, there is no guarantee that the ant infestation is over. If you are worried over an infestation at your home or business at New Smyrna Beach, get assistance from pest control.