Creepy crawlers are no welcome sight inside any home. After a long hard day spent in the outdoors, you hastily head home to find some warmth, rest, and shelter away from the cold. It’s no different for bugs. They, too, want a little bit of that warmth, food, and comfort. The only problem here is that they have to force their way into your space to find what they’re looking for.

Any serious homeowner will have none of it. Bugs are not only unsightly, but they carry with them germs that may cause serious health issues for you and other people in your household. To get rid of bugs you must have used every option in the book. Are you almost running out of ways to get bugs to stay out of your home?

Why don’t you try these smart ways to seal your doors first?

  • Add a Screen Door

During warmer seasons, you can’t help but keep your door open during the day. This allows fresh air into your home and keeps the place cool. Sadly, such weather is also peak season for insects and bugs to breed and explore. So, how do you enjoy the cool air without letting the bugs in? Enter screen door. A screen door is an excellent way to keep mosquitos, spiders, fleas and other pests out while at the same time enjoying fresh air.

A fine mesh and simple tools and a little DIY experience are all it takes to install the screen door. Inspect your screen door every couple of months to ensure that it does not develop tears. Should you notice even the smallest tear, immediately repair it to continue enjoying a bug-free indoor experience.

  • Install Sealing on Your Door

When you lock your door, do you notice small spaces or gaps next to the hinges or under the door right above the floor? These are ideal access points through which bugs can enter your home. A door sweep or aluminum threshold at the bottom is a good installation to help effectively keep bugs out.

A clear seal kit surrounding the perimeter of your door is another superb option. It ensures the joints, spaces, and gaps on the door frame are completely sealed.

For this method to work, the door must always remain shut. If you keep forgetting to shut the door whenever the kids are out or whenever you’re out basking in the yard, consider installing a hydraulic door closer to do the job for you.


  • Spray your Doorway with Essential Oils

Essential oils made from herbs such as peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, and lemon eucalyptus are perfect for keeping bugs and all manner of insects off your property. Their strong smell is sweet to humans but unbearable for insects like spiders, mites, fleas, and so on.

Mix the oil with a bit of water to increase its consistency and make it easier to spray. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and generously spray around your door and other openings. Don’t forget to spray the doorstep as well.

  • Repair Cracks at the Exit or Entryways

Have you experienced harsh weather lately? Flash floods, strong winds, and storms take place often in the UK.  Your home may look strong on the outside, but due to harsh weather and lack of proper maintenance, it may develop signs of weakness like cracks. Cracks and crevices, however small make the perfect place for cockroaches, mites, slugs, and other bugs to hide in and even breed.

Conduct routine inspections on your exit and entry doorways every once in a while to see if you can find cracks, gaps, or holes. If you do, waste no time sealing them. If you find it difficult or you’re missing some of the tools needed to get the job done, contact a reputable pest control and maintenance company to help you out.

  • Make your Door Way Inviting to Bug Predators

Do you find the methods listed above as being too difficult to implement? If yes, you will love this option because of how effortless it is. Bats, birds and small reptiles love making a good meal out of bugs. But how do you get them to come to your home? How about installing a bird feeder or growing a tree or a bush where birds can build their nests? You could also build a bat house close to your front door? Or maybe raise a gecko, a lizard, or a chameleon as a pet.

This solution works as a splendid long term measure to make sure bugs do not exist anywhere around your home.


Bug proofing your home and, more importantly, your doors doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Above are several tricks you can use to keep your doors sealed tight. Finally, you can rest easy and enjoy some peace in your own home with no four, six or eight-legged intruders raiding your space. For more information checkout the pest control tip for residents by Pest Exterminators.

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